San Diego raised, I graduated from San Diego State University. Since I was a little girl I have always had the frame of mind to help people in need and to work with a purpose and with meaning. Growing up I had my share of low self esteem and looking at magazines didn't help. I am a artist through and through and fell in love with local San Diego Artist. Then it hit me, I've been this amazing kick butt feminist for years and sitting in the middle of all these beautiful people who are full of color and brightness, and they didn't know they were beautiful. SO I came up with Urban Vanity Clothing, A way for me to show off the local artist in San Diego and create a movement for Ethnically diverse women and girls of color. My Passion for this knows no limits. If you would fight for the love of others, then you should fight for the love of yourself. This is where I am , fighting to show all those women and girls that fighting for the love of so worthwhile. 


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